Hello Vampire Movie Fans!

I created this site to chronicle the crimson wave of vampire movies available. I’ve tried to add interesting bits of vampire-related information as well .

To help you quickly decide if a particular vampire movie is for you, I use a rating system for each movie.

The system covers things like the:

Genesis of the vampire –  how the movie accounts for the presence of vampires in the “real” world. This varies from movie to movie and tracking it is fun.

Vampire powers – movie vampires are imbued with lots of cool and sometimes creepy powers. I like to think of them as Gothic superheros. Again, most movies have their own ideas about this and we try to track it from movie to movie.

How to kill the vampire – always interesting, and subject to countless variations. I list the ways that a vampire can die according to this movies rules.

Emotion – do the vampires care about humans, or are they just dinner. Is it a love story?

Gore – vampire movies tend to be pretty gory affairs, but I do think that shades of red matter. I will sort out where a movie sits on the gore continuum from tasteful (pardon the pun) all the way to “Kill Bill Volume 1” on steroids.

Gratuitous sex – vampire movies have an erotic component. This scale tells you if the movie is just an excuse to show skin or if they mix in a plot all the way up to using attractive people as vampires (Think – Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire).

Action – Vampire movies of late especially have had an action or at least a CGI component to them. This scale will tell you if you have an “actioner” like Blade or John Carpener’s Vampires (The James Woods version) on your hands or an atmospheric thriller like Interview with the Vampire.

I often take a bit of poetic license with the definition of  a vampire movie. As an example, the movie” Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is classified as a vampire movie. Two reasons for this:

  • I love this movie
  • The main character (Peter) writes and performs a vampire “puppet” opera and sings a vampire song from the opera  in a bar–both are scenes are awesome!


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